27" iMac 2012

I am going to buy a low end 27" iMac and i got a few questions about it.

I'm going to use it as my main computer. I will use it for everyday stuff for college and fun. This means Office, watching movies over HDMI on my TV, web developement (when I will finally take time to learn some basics), some video editing (mostly playing a little with FCPX when I'm bored).

I will also boot camp it with Windows (I know it's a sin :P) so I will be able to play a few games (My friend gave me his BF3 account) but I will play it maybe 2 hours a week so gaming is not a priority.

So my question is are there any known problems with the new iMacs? The only problem I can see right now is the 4-6 weeks wait time here in Europe :(

And I know the upgreadability sucks but when the time for an upgrade comes then I'll buy a new machine. Right now I got a 2010 15" MBP and a 4-5 years old PC that still plays BF3 on low so the iMac should last like 3-4 years.

I would really like your opinion. I know taking the high end one has a better GPU but it's a lot more expensive especially here in Europe.