Fitness tracking devices have undergone a substantial makeover as they’ve made the move from the pocket to your wrist. Once the domain of small, clip-on gizmos that were marketed on how unobtrusive they could be, products like the Nike+ FuelBand and Jawbone’s Up have blazed the trail towards big and bold bracelets that traffic on their sense of style as much as their capabilities. Despite the change in form factor, however, they haven’t added much to their bag of tricks: they’re still essentially glorified pedometers at heart. One of the newest entrants into the field, the Basis B1 fitness band, hopes to change all that.

While it does track your steps like the competition, the $199 watch adds an array of new data types into the mix — along with a software system that Basis thinks will help users develop healthy habits easier. With sensors that can track your heart rate, skin temperature, and the amount of perspiration on your skin, the Basis band seems like something out of Star Trek — but whether the extra data actually makes a difference in improving your physical fitness or sleep patterns is another question.