Benefits of the unified search bar?

I'm just curious as to why people like this feature. Can someone please explain why they preferred the unified search bar over the separate address and search bar? I see no reason why this has caught on other than the fact that google chrome made it popular. I find that the unified search bar belongs in the late 90s and early 2000s. I would imagine that this feature doesn't make sense in today's time because we need multiple tabs open and the ability to search from any tab without retyping the same string of words in. Coming from windows, the combination of browsers I was using (Safari occasionally, Opera -go-to, and Firefox -shifted away from) all still had dedicated bars for search and urls. The unified search bar wastes more time than it needs to. In safari on the mac, there were times where i typed in the url of the website I wanted to visit, only to be redirected to a search page. This doesnt make sense, I already knew what I wanted which is why I typed in the .com or whatever the appropriate extension is, why take me to a search? I guess I haven't tried to find any extensions for this because I want my new iMac to be as stock as possible -minus BetterTouchTool, which brought the snap and various shortcuts for navigating through folders and images. I would just like clarification from those who love the unified search bar why they think this was recently integrated into Safari and why they feel it's better than the old way.