Leather Pouch or a TPU case?


I'm new to the whole forum thing (participating,anyway) so please forgive any faux pas.

After reading many ( if not all) your posts on the Nexus 4, weighing all the pros and cons, I finally decided to jump in and order one of the Google Play store a few minutes ago. :DDD.

But now comes all the worrying and fretting, hence the pouch vs tpu case question.

I've been told by several people that while tpu cases seemingly offer more protection than leather pouches, they also tend to cause a great deal of accidents because they get caught in your pocket while you're trying to pull the phone out and bye bye "Joe Young" glass...

Any wisdom imparted will be greatly appreciated! Also, does anyone know if the SGP Spigen Crumena leather pouch for the SIII fits the nexus 4?

Many thanks in Advance