Inside the Surface Pro



At my job I have access to a x-ray system and thought it would be fun to toss the Surface Pro in there. One reason being that it is just awesome to see devices in this way. The other reason being, I am looking for a way inside of the unit. iFixit usually has a teardown done by this time after a product release it seems, but not this time. When the Anandtech review stated that there was a mSATA drive inside, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't soldered to the motherboard. Newegg currently has two very interesting drives. The Crucial 256GB and the Intel 240GB, costing $200 and $300 respectively. If you look right below the red box you will see the SATA data and power connectors for the drive.

Have any of you attempted to take it apart yet? You can remove the kickstand by removing the two torx screws, but after that, I see no way forward.