Surface Pro = MacBook Air?

Now this isn't going to be a post about how the MacBook Air is better than the Surface Pro or vice versa. This is simply a comparison about the progression of both devices and the future of said devices.

When the MacBook Air first came out, I was in awe. It was a svelte device that was the envy of many people, but it had its compromises. It was under powered, lacked battery life essential for an ultra portable, and it lacked many ports that had people questioning why? It was a compromised device. Fast forward to 2013 where the MacBook Air is king of the ultraportable computer. It got the essential power and battery life that people needed to consider a full computing experience. What I am getting at here is that the Surface Pro needs to mature. Yes, you can say it lacks this or it doesn't have the necessary stuff to function. Where you see the glass half empty, I see it half full.

The Surface Pro has the potential to be modular. The Surface Pro has a keyboard that attaches at the bottom of the device right now. Microsoft could come up with a design that would fuse a battery pack with the keyboard, Asus Transformer style to represent that "Laptop" experience. When you get home, you can plop it down on a dock that is hooked up to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and continue to use the Surface Pro as a full Windows Experience. And when you want to use it leisurely on the couch as a tablet, it works as that as well. The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 has accessories very similar to this Microsoft needs to follow their ideals and get this right. It has the potential to become a stellar device with a little refinement.

The MacBook Pro represented the future of computing a few years ago, hopefully the Surface Pro will continue in that same direction