EV like the Tesla S are very bad for the environment.

Personally I don't think the way EV use lithium is either good for the environment or sustainable.

Lithium is a finite resource. and the numbers just don't add up.

Lithium batteries are not recycled. There is one company who can do this, Unicore from Belgium, but they themselves have explained what an immense task it is to recycle the batteries, it requires a huge number of chemical steps before you can stand to get something back from them, it's a process that in itself requires a lot of wasteful finite resources.

This recent study detailed the toxicity of EV cars to the environment, many other studies have detailed the toxicity to water, ground soil, air, production of EV is MUCH more toxic to the environment that that of ICE cars. EV did not solve the issue of ICE cars, they just created new issues just as bad:


"Because production impacts are more significant for EVs than conventional vehicles, assuming a vehicle lifetime of 200,000 km exaggerates the GWP benefits of EVs to 27% to 29% relative to gasoline vehicles or 17% to 20% relative to diesel because production-related impacts are distributed across the longer lifetime. An assumption of 100,000 km decreases the benefit of EVs to 9% to 14% with respect to gasoline vehicles and results in impacts indistinguishable from those of a diesel vehicle.

Human toxicity potential (HTP) stands out as a potentially significant category for problem-shifting associated with a shift from ICEVs to EVs. We estimate that HTP increases for EVs relative to ICEVs both in the production and the use phase. The different EV options have 180% to 290% greater HTP impacts compared to the ICEV alternatives.

The production phase of EVs proved substantially more environmentally intensive."

Yes there are some positive things about EV, and if you look hard enough someone can make the case that EV are better for the environment, but those differences are marginal, and they do not take into account the finite resource of Lithium, the toxic impact it has on the surrounding environment during producition, and the impact it has on other industries.

And no, this study was not paid for by the oil companies or some other conspiracy, it's a peer-reviewed government subsidised study that is as impartial as you can find.

Smartphones and other devices use lithium batteries too but they are a fraction of what you find in a car, cars have very dense very high capacity lithium batteries that waste a ton of resources from nature and none of them are recycled.

Not only that, cars like the Tesla, actually drive up cost of innovation, these cars put huge pressure on the availability of lithium, the use of lithium of smartphones and notebook is negligible compared to that of EV.

Instead of private corporations trying to push for EV, something that is currently not a solution and likely hurts the environment much more than clean ICE cars, they should promote the use of trains and subways and carpooling and working-at-home, that will have a direct positive impact on the environment.

I can't believe how fooled people are by the EV hype, it's not sustainable, Lithium is a very limited Earth resource, and these cars actually halt progress of tech instead of helping it and the production process of EV is extremely toxic to the environment and humans.