Comment censoring... where's the line?

So... today's NYC Chief interview article....

The comments were, initially, full of references to the interviewee's appearance. All of them were complimentary, for a start, but were quickly and publicly derided by J.T., EiC. This led to several posts that discussed how we internet denizens react to attractive women with responsibility, and the silly reactions of both the original posters, those who reacted, and women on the internet in general. There were no inappropriate images, slurs or swears used.

Furthermore, Ms. Haot was never attacked nor derided.

However, eventually the entire discussion, including the intelligent, open minded and interesting comments, were deleted. This begs the question... where is the line drawn for comments? This, I thought, was an important discussion to have: Women are not known, generally, as heads of technology culture and industry (with a few high visibility exceptions), and how we as a culture, on the internet and IRL, react to such women is still very much up in the air.

How and where is this conversation to be had if not on places like The Verge? If this conversation arises organically, in the comments following a post describing one such women, where better to have it?

In short, if we are not allowed to have these kinds of conversations, what serious conversations can we have? Are Verge comments then just for inane arguments over Operating Systems, fanboy flamewars and e-peen comparisons?

Can we Verge readers have real, important conversations in the Comments section, about topics that Verge editors may not be interested, without the fear of being censored? Where is that line?

Today, I think it was crossed.