Surface RT vs Atom tablets.. What am I missing?

So I have in general been in favor of the Surface RT, since I need something more powerful and with larger battery life than the Surface Pro as my everyday machine. In this scenario, Surface RT fills nicely the spot of a secondary device, since primarily I care about long battery life and good ergonomics. I also don't care for x86 compatibility on a secondary device, if that means getting all that extra battery life.

Yesterday though I saw the review of the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 (, which has an Atom processor, full Win8, weights slightly less than the Surface RT, and gives a longer battery life! All that, while running the full x86 Win8. The only disadvantage I can see is the price: $650 vs $500 (I think; I haven't researched this point too much).

My question is: is there a reason other than the lower price, to go for the RT? I guess $150 is not negligible, but you are getting more battery life according to Engadget, and x86 compatibility. I can see the point of the Surface RT when compared to full Intel i5 CPUs, but what's the point of it when compared to Atom processors?