World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics

Not sure where to post this thread, so figured I would go with off-topic.

FastCompany has published their list for the top 10 most innovative companies in the area of consumer electronics.

1. Apple (for the iPhone 5 and Retina display, pushing tech forward)

2. Samsung (for their ability to add innovative features to existing devices, i.e. GS3, Note 2)

3. Roku (for the thumb-drive set-top box replacement)

4. Microsoft (for the Kinect)

5. Nike (for the FuelBand)

6. Google (for the Nexus 7)

7. Beats (embedding their sound tech in phones and computers)

8. Nintendo (for the Wii U, GamePad)

9 MakerBot (for making the 3D-printer a consumer product)

10. Ouya (for the first open-source gaming console... though its not available through retail until June)

This list is lacking a lot of stuff, though most of that is not concrete. (i.e. Microsoft Windows 8/Surface, Google Glass, etc. have yet to show their impact on the consumer market) If they do have an impact, they will very likely make the list next year, but for 2012 this is the list produced by FastCompany.