Wait for Haswell or get the Yoga?

Hey everyone!

I'm really in need of your advice. I am a high school student who does web design and Debate on the side.

I currently own a retina Macbook Pro, but I really despise having to lug it around to tournaments, practice every day, meetings, etc. I have a frail back... LOL!

I absolutely love the form factor of the Yoga 13; it's absolutely brilliant. I would LOVE to use it for meetings and presentations, it's light and portable enough for me to take to debate practice/ tournaments, and it has awesome build quality.

I have a lot of stuff coming up soon, and I'm kinda in need of a more portable computer. I just recently returned both the 11" and 13" Macbook Airs; can't have two Macs. And I really want to try Windows 8! I decided that the Yoga is the ultrabook for me.

Should I really be waiting for Haswell? Will Haswell even make it to ultrabooks before the summertime? (~June 18th) Will these ultrabooks even come in the form factor of the Yoga?

Thanks so much guys!