4x fewer Windows store apps than Microsoft predicted in first 3 months?

I'm sure you all remember when Microsoft said there would be 100,000 apps within 3 months after Windows 8 launch, and I remember a lot of people actually believed that. It seems in the end the Windows 8 store fell way short of that prediction.

The author of this article is reporting about 26,000 apps soon after the deadline ended, which would be 4x less than predicted:

The countdown to 100,000 Windows 8 apps falls short.

Others have counted 40,000 apps, but that's still way off the mark. After the 30 million WP units prediction within the first year of WP (never happened, was several times lower), and of course the infamous Ballmer predictions about iPhone and such, I'm starting to think Microsoft is not too good at this prediction game.

Oh and how could I forget about the predicted 3-5 million Surface RT units sold, when in fact there were less than 1 million sold. It seems like a good rule of thumb would be to take Microsoft's predictions and split them by 3, and that should give you a more accurate and realistic prediction.