Lenovo Tablet 2 in the Workplace

So we got a few Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2's in today and I'll go over my impressions as a IT person. First, forget about booting into anything else, including a USB drive with Windows 8 Enterprise on it or a CD. I called support and they had no answer either. I just did a in-place upgrade, which took about 45 minutes. Also, the USB Ethernet adapter we purchased from Lenovo was not detected by any Windows machine I plugged into. Very disappointed in this fact.

Out of the box the tablet performs pretty good. Things felt fast but not desktop fast. Once I got it connected to the domain did I see that Intel and PC manufactures are not there yet, for the business world. After applying hundreds of policy settings, security configurations, and deploying several programs, and antivirus this tablet was slower then the Lenovo X130e from last year. To be honest, it needs more RAM and a better APU, and a better wireless card. I honestly am sick of of companies not including a radio that handles 5.4GHz range. My average wireless throughput was around ~40Mbs. Obvious something is wrong there. The X30e got about 72Mbs and our other laptops with better radios get around 300Mbps.

Don't get me wrong. If you work in a small business or from the road this thing will be better than fine. However, in a larger environment, with lots of policy, it can't keep up. So when this pilot is over we hold off till next year and see what that offers.