No Nike Fuelband App...No problem

I couple days back there seemed to be some controversy over Nike having no plans to produce a Fuelband app for Android. Now while some Android fans cried bloody murder and some Apple fans rejoiced over what they think is well..."Winning" .In my eyes I thought this may turn out to be better for the consumer after all, in the long run.

Nike kind of placed its self as the defacto top fitness tracking band/app solution with it's name recognition and status, so people looking for this type of tech inherently looked at Nike. Well now that they have decided to ignore about 50% of the market, it leaves room for the competition to step their game up.

Enter FitBit...

FitBit already has a stellar Android app, which does not look like it was pieced together with iOS platform remnants. It is designed for Android using the Android Design Guidelines. I honestly think based on Nike's stance if they did make an Android app, it would be a poor port of the iOS app.



In addition everything the FuelBand does the Fitbit Tracker and the soon to be released Flexband does also. However they do one thing extra...the silent wake up, which I thought was a pretty nifty feature.

I think this is great for Fitbit they now have the chance of having the only fitness tracking app/hardware solution to work cross platform. In addition, having accuracy that rivals and in some cases betters the Nike Fuelband. Check out this Comparative Review for more stats.

In the end I think this is great for consumers, as it will inherently give Fitbit more traction, and thus could cause Nike to rethink its stance on not making an Android app. Anyway it goes choice always beats exclusivity.