Canadian with a Surface Pro - early thoughts

After waiting inline on Saturday only to be disappointed at the MS Store in Toronto, I finally have one in my hands...I ordered from the MS store online in Canada on Saturday night and received it today (Tuesday)...they shipped it Monday next day. It came from California. Thus, I'm guessing Canada has a designated amount of surfaces for it's region and MS Canada has not exceeded it's amount yet. BTW- The MS Store in Canada had stock there today of the 128 and 64 if anyone is interested...I'd call aheadOk... thoughts- I can't understand how anyone says you cannot use this on your lap...this is complete and utter garbage. I will take a video when I get around to it but I'm typing right now with a type cover. I've tried it laying where my legs are all on the couch with he surface resting on my legs and right now I'm sitting down with my legs normal over the edge with it in my lap and it's perfect...I'm extremely surprised as I figured it wouldn't work well but it does. Compared to my ipad, this is much more useful for posting on sites and surfing than having to hold it...It's not as good as a regular laptop because I find with a regular laptop I can balance it at weird angles much easier...but generally speaking this is much easier than I ever thought - I ended up with the type cover. I wanted to get a touch cover and both me and the wife both found the touch cover perfectly usable at the MS store but it's just not as good as the type cover. I am typing as fast as I can with a regular keyboard with this thing now and I know with the touch cover I would never be at that level. I also think that it's easier to type with the type cover on your lap than with the touch cover as you have to hit the keys much harder I find with the touch cover and it's not forgiving - Boot up time is ridiculously quick...I didn't time it but from a cold boot it's around 10 seconds if I had to guess - Screen is gorgeous. So far I don't really have an issue with the DPI. I changed it to 125% for the desktop but I'm not sure it bothers me either way. The wife's eyes are getting worse than mine so I think it might be an issue for her - Sound is a little low but very clear - Cameras are perfectly fine for Skype and taking some videos but I wouldn't be using them for pics unless it was an emergency - The power adapter is not the greatest design ever. Most people who have an RT as well seem to say this version is much better but to be honest you still have to place it pretty much on the spot or it doesn't go in. Also like others have said, the power cable from the wall socket to the brick is just stupidly short...WTF were they thinking?! - The integrated kickstand doesn't click in the same way as the RT I have played with at the MS's nice but it's not as nice as the RT imho. I thought the fixed angle might bother me but generally I'm pretty happy with the angle. I don't mind the kickstand having the ledge on the left hand side but I do feel it's not that easy to open up quickly...they need to improve that as it's something you use all the time - Haven't played with it long enough to get an idea about the battery but if it lasts over 4 hours it's ok for me. I view this as more of a small hybrid laptop than a tablet - The speed of this is just crazy...crazy fast...seems as fast or faster than my desktop win8 machine that has a core i7...of course it won't be able to be as quick with photo image editing but it will be perfectly fine - The pen feels like a mechanical pencil and for me that is perfect. I definitely prefer this to the heavier type sylus' that I've played with on other devices in the past. There is a slight delay when writing really quickly in onenote but it's not bad. The eraser is cool in onenote but it only erases one movement at a time, not parts of a movement if that makes sense. - wifi performance seems to be as quick as my other laptops...have not done any serious tests but its quick. - the screen does't seem to pick up finger prints much which is surprising. I thought about a screen protector but I don't think I'll get one for something like this I won't comment about the win8 experience...I happen to like it although MS needs to improve the built in apps...the mail app is still pretty terrible. What I do love is that I signed myself in with my live account and it populates everything with my website favourites, my social feeds, etc...without having me to do any setup...that is really cool. Does anyone have a recommendation for a sleeve/case for this thing? The wife will take it to school and she'll need something to carry it in...ideally very slim...if it can fit the power adapter in that would be a bonus If you have questions, let me know. LIP