Cisco VPN Support (IPSec or SSL) for Surface RT?

I just bought a Surface Pro and I am pretty enamored with the device. The hardware is fantastic and the performance is leaps and bounds better than the Samsung Ativ I tried at work. That said, I've started thinking if I really need the Pro. I've found myself mostly using Office Apps, IE, and some metro apps. Part of this may be that I do not see the Surface as a laptop replacement. I think the screen size and lack of 'lap use' are pretty big issues. I began thinking that I could really get by using the RT and would enjoy the battery life (and lower cost). My biggest concern is the ability to connect to my workplace. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom (similar to windows phone) has decided to not support IPsec VPN (something Android, IOS, and Chrome OS all support). If I can't connect to VPN and use Remote Desktop its a deal breaker. Anyone know if this is available?