WTF!! Only 20k surface pro's were available last weekend it seems !!

Many sites have started reporting that only about 20k surface pro's were available last weekend across MS Store, BB and Staples!!!

As an MS fan this is really disappointing. How can they underestimate demand to this extent ??? Even Notion Ink Adam had more devices available in first shipment !!!

Cannot believe MS screwed up this bad !!

Even more disappointing is the fact that in my country(India) even the Surface RT is not available even after 100 days of launch!!! In grey market Surface RT's are selling like hot cakes for 900$+ here and still MS don't want to launch it in India !!

Update:I know that the 20k number the sites are reporting may not be accurate and only speculative but still it is confirmed that most BB and Staples stores was just sent 2 64gb and one 128 gb models and the bigger picture is that the surface pro availability is a big fuck up by MS !!!