You can pry my Optimus G from my cold dead hands!

I've bought this phone in January and I can't keep my hands off of it.

My plan was to originally get the Nexus 4 but it was never in stock for the entire month of December so I went with the next better thing.

The battery life is great. The phone is super responsive and there is virtually no lag.

For some reason though.. this time I've not rooted.

My previous Android Phones were all rooted and I'm not sure if that shortened their batter life, but it sure seemed like it did.

In the end I decided not to root this phone, once you root you open up Pandora's box of the never-ending rom quest. You spend more time chasing down roms, than actually using your phone.

I use Sprint in Lousisiana and I haven't had any dropped calls in my part of the country.

My top 5 used apps:

The stock browser



Tweetcaster Pro





I am now a fan of the Play Store and have been with it since the wild west days of 2008. The content has improved 1000 fold since I started down this path.

The camera takes advantage of voice control for the shutter as well as providing built in filters that I never use.

For the keyboard I am a big fan of Swiftkey and find that ther 'Flow' keyboard is very easy to use and highly accurate.


The NFC is virtually useless. The infrastructure where I live is definitely not built up. For now it's only a gimmick.

I am sadly still without Google Now, which I found fascinating on my dead Galaxy S2. (R.I.P.)

Closing Thoughts:

If you can't wait for the Nexus 4, then definitely check out the LG Optimus G.