Windows 8 Pro with a touch-screen laptop: The good, the bad & the amazing

Before Windows 8 I used windows just because I had to, it was installed on my PC when we bought it. Last year I won an Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabook in an app development contest conducted by Codeproject and Intel. 4 months later I am in love with the fast & fluid OS. Using it transformed me from a user to an ardent Windows fan boy.
So my laptop has a touchscreen and Windows 8 Pro, so I have a perfect combo. But there are a few things that I would like to share.

The Amazing:

Windows 8 offers an amazing UI. It is a great escape from the traditional and unexciting UI of its predecessors. The gesture based approach to menu's may get a little time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it switching between the screen and apps and the Start Screen is a charm.

The charms menu is good as it offers a one window access to setting of the system/app and provides an instant way to search your PC and automatically categorizes them as files,apps and settings.

IE 10: A huge improvement over previous versions supports nearly all standards as Firefox or Presto but still lags behind web kit. all websites were running smoothly(being a web designer I visit websites that are heavy on the CSS effects).

Integration with Sky Drive: Sky Drive is woven into the windows 8 fabric. Office allows you store your files directly to your sky drive account and the photos app also syncs with it.

The Bad: There are few things Microsoft has to think about.

If Windows 8 is to be marketed as a tablet OS then windows need to re think in terms of UI.When we enter the desktop mode having only touch can be a bit frustrating. MS needs to understand that "MAKING ROUNDED BUTTONS SHARP, DOES'NT MAKE IT TOUCH FRIENDLY" While using the touch screen you might get frustrated when you accidently close an app, when you wanted to minimize it. Office also may be a bit frustrating in this respect.

Now the app ecosystem, IMO people using windows 8 as a PC that replaces their existing Win 7/XP system are not using apps that they download for a dollar while waiting for their subway ride, that's something happens on the phone or tablet and not on the your Laptop/PC. Microsoft should have tried to club windows phone & tablet and kept the PC OS apart. It's the phone/tablet user that download's apps, just because we saw it on someone else's phone and thought it's cool.

Microsoft has done an amazing job with windows 8, but please concentrate on the fact that Home & Office PC's are different & the phone/tablet market is different.
That's all folks..