I like Windows 8, but it's still pretty buggy...

I'm sure that some people here are just going to take this as an opportunity to bash Windows 8. However, I really like it overall. It's just that there's definitely some bugs that are still in there that drive me insane. Anyone else feel the same way?

A few examples: Metro IE10's InPrivate Browsing mode (which I open a window for when friends want to check their email so that it doesn't store the cookies or useless sites in my history) doesn't always remove the sites from history.

Also with Metro IE10, I noticed that on my Surface Pro, which I set desktop DPI to 125% on, I can set the Metro IE10 default zoom to 125% as well. However, it's frequently resetting itself back to 150%. (Possibly related to my external monitor.)

I'm not going to get into some of the other Metro app stuff, because Music is still not great, and Mail isn't much better... but for more general OS-related stuff... Sometimes the PIN screen doesn't pop up for me to log in, requiring me to connect a keyboard.

On my gaming/media PC, sometimes if I turn the monitor and AV receiver off, when I then later turn them back on to watch or play something, I'm greeted with a blank screen and a completely unresponsive system.