Handwriting demo

I'm thinking about buying one of the Windows 8 tablet / hybrids for note taking in class. I don't care for handwriting recognition right now as I'm pretty sure it will never recognize the equations etc I'm writing (Chemical Engineering).

What I'm looking for is a paper replacement. But I just cant find any video demo's of small, fast writing. Everybody shows off their new tablets MS paint and text recognition abilities, wow so cool /s. Dont get me wrong, when the ability to correctly recognize everything I write down, be it equations with greek letters, body text or drawings, comes along, I'll be over the moon. But until then I would be happy to not have to cart a half-dozen files around campus with me everyday.

At the moment I have a tablet which is great for textbooks, but atrocious for note taking. Often we get given notes which we can then print out and annotate. It is my understanding that the active digitizer in the new style stylus :) makes this a breeze?


If you have the Surface Pro or other such wonder of technical innovation, please point me in the direction of a good handwriting demo. For extra points make your own and dont forget the blistering pace with which the the lecturer talks