Could iWatch be the starting point for massive wireless headphone adoption?

Since iPod nano 7th gen introduction I have pondered myself if that would be the last Nano with an audio 3.5mm jack. I mean, look at it:


It's kinda impossible to get any thinner without eliminating the audio jack. The only solution to get a thinner design would be introducing bluetooth headphones as standard. Consequently, that would mean bluetooth earphones for iPhones and iPod touchs too.

Then, I started to think about the rumored iWatch. It probably would be a mini-iPod touch (with Wifi, multitasking, notifications...), in a much, much, much smaller case. What brings the question to what kind of compromises Apple would have to do to make it possible. The headphone jack occupies a big space inside the device, a very precious space in a device too small. Also, the watch needs to be water proof, so eliminate the audio jack probably would be mandatory.

I really wouldn't be surprise if that device marks the starting point from where we will (finally) eliminate the wired headphone from our daily lives.