So is it just a matter of time before we can run WP8 apps on Win8, or will this never happen?

Lets face it, Win8 and WP8 both have the same problem... a dearth of apps. I recently made the switch to an Android handset after my old WP7 device died, and WOW having access to a complete app store is refreshing and in some ways makes up for the complete lag and UI disaster that is Android (this is most noticeable after having used WP or iOS devices for an appreciable amount of time.

It seems only natural that we should have the option to run WP apps in 1/3 snapped view. Phone apps never really need 100% of a 10 inch or larger screen, and since the kernels of both OSes are WinNT now, this should be an easy fix, no? MS has everything to gain by combining both app ecosystems, and nothing to lose.

-The Windows 8 app store would immediately more then double thanks to the inclusion of WP "mini-apps"

-People would be more willing to invest in WP8 due to app synergy

-Owners of WP7 and WP8 devices would be more likely to upgrade to Win8 computers due to app synergy

-Users would be more willing to PURCHASE apps with the knowledge that they could use them on any device

Am I missing something? I honestly thought this would be a legitimate direction for MS when I heard about WP8 using the NT Kernel. I have the feeling however, that this sort of interoperability isn't even on the radar at MS headquarters.