Apple Vs Google: An Abstract Approach [Opinion Post]

2013 is one of the most crucial year for Apple. I know that some of you might argue and say that it’s the same punch line used every year (just the year count changes) but I am afraid this time things are seriously different. Before diving into the war, one must take a bird’s eye view of the entire mobile industry in general. You see, Apple has been dominating since 2008 with their iPhones and iPads not only because of great design and brand value but also due to the powerful software called iOS that ensures you are surrounded by an addictive ecosystem. Those beautifully wrapped white packages are like shots of Dopamine. Once you buy any Apple device you are hypnotized and lured to their world and you start seeing other products as non-classy, lacking the spark and so forth.

I am not a statistician but I think Android came pretty close to beating iPhone sales with their fleet of products but although they might have won here and there in terms of numbers, they could never claim a concrete victory over Apple. However in Q4 2012 we have seen a major shift in the tectonic plates where millions of users chose Galaxy S3 and HTC One X over iPhone 5. It’s pretty evident that Apple needs to come up with a brand new iOS that will again push them way ahead of the race. Android is a better option due to lots of customization and the level of openness they offer to the developers. So, I got some news that iOS 7 might be out by WWDC 2013 and I think Apple is working hard to implement some of the basic features that’s been missing in all their updates over the year. iOS 7 is important because it's the foundation pillar of Apple's second innings in the changed mobile climate.

I am sure no one likes to tap and close all their apps one by one. No one likes to have static boring wallpaper while your Android buddies can flaunt with a moving HD animation as a background. I am sure you are starting to think whether "iOS is just too simple". Such thoughts never occurred a few years back when Steve Jobs announced the App Store and showcased their payout check to developers, a year later. Why are we asking these questions now? Maybe we as humans have evolved and are starting to see mobile devices from a different perspective.

Internet forums are flooded with Apple VS Android posts every single day with people shading their opinion on why one is better over the other. It’s a war that’s raging for years and it seems never ending. One of the key reasons for Apple’s success is another silent war that no one ever speaks of. It’s called the war of Developers. If you look closely you will see that iOS apps are always of a higher quality than their Android counterpart. I am speaking of the exact same app developed by the same set of brains. Why do you think this happens? Is it developer’s love for Apple or is Android too diverse. Android currently runs on 1000’s of different devices, each with their individual screen sizes and internal configuration. However, Apple concentrates on delivering fewer products that are of high quality. I think in this scenario the famous phrase "Less is more" stands true.

Google is an equally strong contender and they proved it with the recently released Nexus 10 tablet that boosts a clear retina level display. Just read my words carefully now. The median for comparing any product is now Apple themselves. HTC One X, is it the iPhone Killer? Stuff like that are pretty common slogans these days. The war is mystical yet unfair. The war is likely to continue for many more years with 2013 escalating things to a whole new level. Finally, the war is unfair. On one hand you have a small army of elite soldiers guarding their victory ground and on the other hand a giant wave of mixed army divisions is preparing to grab the same land. You should appreciate the fact that you are experiencing this war first hand. We are not the soldiers but mere motivators who are shaping the outcome like true politicians do (without fighting). The imperial leader of the white flank is dead (a natural one though). Yet we started comparing him with a new general and what his battle outcomes might be for the near future. We are fools because the real power lies in our hand and not in the hands of any generals. With these words I am putting an end to this article.

Let me know what do you guys think about this article. Please comment your opinions below. I am a full time iPad Blogger and I just started writing this post. Couldn't stop and now I am posting it to TheVerge.

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