About the iWatch and other wearable tech

Yes I know it is another iWatch post, which I have criticized others on, but this article gave a different perspective which I kind of agreed with.

This article....http://www.sector-sovereign.com/2013/02/quick-thoughts-you-are-what-you-wear/, had an interesting perspective about the iWatch in general, basically saying all the press behind it is more hyped up than it needs to be.

This exert made some sense to me..

Let’s take a step back. If Apple sold one “iWatch” for every ten iPhones sold in 2012 at a 33% premium to the Pebble E Paper, its revenues would have been less than 2% higher. Nice – particularly if the business could ramp quickly with better than average margins – but hardly a big thing for Apple and probably a stretch estimate at that. Wristwatches are in cultural decline, victims to the very smartphones that smartwatches aim to augment. Given that global unit sales of Bluetooth headsets, another convenient extension of a pocket bound smartphone, have never topped 50 million a year despite prices plummeting well below $100 and an addressable market of Bluetooth equipped phones topping 1 billion users, the penetration of a pricey smartwatch accessory could be tepid.

Anyway do you agree? Disagree? I personally think wearable tech will not be a game changer some folks make it out to be, but hey I could be wrong.