The awkwardness of following storystreams on the Android app

So, I wanted to follow the Valve layoff stream (mostly just curious what's actually going on, although I doubt it's as big as the general tech/gaming press is making it out to be). Okay, cool, so I open up the latest story with Gabe Newell's statment and . . . so . . . where do I click?

The "following" section, and its little image of how to follow, doesn't help at all, It shows a picture showing the story and a following button. Sure, cool, But I haven't ever seen that button anywhere.

"Okay", I think to myself, "clearly it's gotta be somewhere." So I finally do something I've never bothered to do, since I read The Verge as just general idle news-style entertainment: I clicked on a specific section. Oho! There we go, finally.

So, if I'm reading the latest update to a story in the main news feed of the app, and I think to myself "hey, I kinda want to see how this turns out, I think I'll follow it" . . . I have to check what section it's in, go to that, and then I get the option to follow the story? I mean, okay, this is the very definition of a first-world problem, but it seems like a rather strange design decision to me.