Microsoft executive says PlayStation 4 announcement is 'important for the industry.'

Jonathan Grimes is the executive in charge of UK Retail Sales and Marketing at Microsoft. In a short but candid interview with UK trade mag MCV he made some very interesting points about how Sony are mishandling the new PlayStation reveal in Europe, and how Microsoft need to focus on new features to make the next Xbox successful



Grimes says the new PlayStation announcement 'is important for the industry,' presumably because it generates excitement which positively affects all the video game market. However he also feels it is imperative that the Xbox is not forgotten amongst the See the Future of PlayStation event hype:

"Our job is not to get lost in the industry chatter.'

Earlier this week Larry Hyrb, director of programming for Xbox Live, retweeted the surprise news from Bungie that their new game would be revealed just three days before the PlayStation event. Last year the LA Times revealed that Destiny will be a timed exclusive for Xbox 360 and next Xbox platforms. So conscious of all internet chatter being on the new PlayStation, Microsoft might be looking to gazump Sony, and be the first to reveal screenshots or footage from their next-gen console.

Grimes comments that Sony has not done enough to make UK consumers aware of the See the Future event:

"Whatever gets announced on February 20th, the majority of UK consumers won’t know."

The live stream is expected to start at 11pm UK time. Also EDGE reported a rumour that the new console won't launch in the UK and Europe until next year. The PS3 launched in the UK five months after the USA and there is a sense of unease amongst some gamers that the UK & European market is not a priority for Sony

Grimes says that what made Xbox successful in its first ten years won't make it successful in the next ten years - alluding to a shift from just games to other multimedia services:

"But what has got us to where we are today is not going to be what gets us through the next ten years. Now we’ve also got to start from scratch when thinking about the future. "

The Destiny event might give us our first peek of a next-gen Xbox game, but we'll have to wait until later this year for Microsoft to fully reveal what's going to be in the Xbox's future.

Source: MCV Via: C&VG