Lumia 920: From a Motorcyclist's Point of View

I'm a motorcyclist. In London. It's always raining and it's cold. The beer is mostly warm and Fish & Chips is what you're supposed to have on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. Unless your family cooks a Sunday roast. But I digress.

I use a motorcycle to commute and use a handle-bar mounted sat-nav stand in which I used the Nokia Lumia 920. I always wear thick Goretex or leather gloves to keep the cold away and the waterproof case for the sat-nav stand has a clear plastic film on top.

Synatptics Got it Right.

I used to use an iPhone 4 until now and recently switched to WP. Everytime I had to use the phone as a sat-nav to enter route/destination, or a phone to check the internet or texts, I used to have to stop the bike, get the wet gloves off my hands, get the phone out of the case and use it. I read about the Lumia supporting glove usage and hesitantly tried using the phone from on the bike (not whilst moving of course) without getting it out of the case or taking my gloves off. The damned thing worked!!

I admit it was not as accurate as typing with bare fingers but I could type a post code in and start the route on Nokia Drive or reply to a text (a short reply would be recommended in this situation!).

This is one use case that you might not see very often and I'm not (even remotely) suggesting everyone line up and get a 920 and that all Androids and Apples are rubbish but I was just chuffed to use the thing without having to faff about like I would have had to!

Anyone else see this? If not, try it out! The thickness of the gloves drives the accuracy and whether the touch even registers or not but it worked for me. I will try with other gloves and see where the breaking point is. I'll try to report my updates in the comments below.