A Facebook Sized Mistake

TheVerge.com made a Facebook sized mistake when they failed to procure the rights to Verge.com. It has now been acquired by a troll who is squatting on the domain. One wonders if they are hoping to build something on top of it, and that the term "Verge" has something to do with their IP, or if they're merely squatting on it and hope that TheVerge will pay out a sum of money to procure the rights. I am leaning toward the latter, as when "TheVerge.com" was announced 2 years ago, I accidentally went to www.Verge.com and saw that the domain was unregistered.

Remember when Facebook.com used to be TheFacebook.com, and they later paid some troll $200,000 for the rights to the former? I smell a similar story in The Verge's future.