BREAKING: Samsung introduces refrigerator with built-in Sodastream

Seltzer (also known as sparkling or fizzy water) continues its march towards world domination today thanks to a new partnership between Samsung and Sodastream. Seltzer addicts drinkers will soon be able to purchase a Samsung refrigerator with a built-in Sodastream water carbonator powered by the now ubiquitous* reusable Sodastream CO2 canister.


As with current Sodastream units, consumers who purchase the refrigerator will be able to adjust the level of carbonation to their palate, though sources familiar with the partnership have told The Verge that "any level of carbonation under five Sodastream burps is for sissies."

Consumers looking to save two cubic feet of counter space will be able to purchase the refrigerator soon for $3,899.

Source: Forbes

* Use of the adjective 'ubiquitous' has not been fact-checked. At all.