UK: Nokia Music+ now live!

Hi thought would let you know Nokia Music+ is now livein UK for £3.99 a month.

I am free trialling it right now. For £3.99 you get:

- No skip limit

- Higher quality sound when streaming (Normal quality is default when streaming via the mobile network this however can be changed to High quality if you not worried about your data plan)

- Download as many mixes as you want in high quality

- Song Lyrics (Two Modes)

- Listen to your songs on your PC via the Nokia Music website


The higher quality sound is amazing with Dolby Headphone enhancement enabled. Very welcome addtion, songs sound so much richer and punchy listening on my Sony headphones and via my Monitor Audio speaker system. Very impressed! not sure exactly what quality it is but probably AAC 192kbps or 256kbps but again does sound really good.

The main benefit is countless skipping and downloading as many mixes you want in higher quality allowed so can now fill my phone up with loads of custom and radio mixes.

Also tested the lyrics feature. There are two modes for this...first view lyrics as they are sung it it auto scrolls in realtime, works as advertised for majority of tracks I listened to so far. Second view is all lyrics in a scrollable view.

I reckon I will be purchasing the subscription once my free trial is up, I think Nokia have got the price point just right for what they are offering. Good Job! I dont think I will be touching XBOX Music any time soon.