here is my situation:

-I spend a lot of time listening to music (basically in the office)

-I dont want to choose what to hear every time

-I have a lot of tracks that i would never hear by choice while browsing my library but i still want to hear them

so i created my personal smart playlist system

I rate my songs this way:

☆ I mark one star in my ipod to delete after in itunes

☆☆ I only keep these songs to have the whole album (but would never want to hear it randomly)

☆☆☆ I like this song just enough to keep it in the library

☆☆☆☆I LIKE this song

☆☆☆☆☆I'm loving this song at the moment (very temporary)

then i use my play/skip counts and last skipped/played times to make the following smart playlists

the result is this aMIX playlist that has just the right mix based on the specified criteria


and this is how i create "ratios" smart playlists. this one is for 1/10+ play/skip ratio favorites


So i listen to this MIX smart playlist every day and i LOVE IT

main benefits:

I dont have to choose what to hear every time

Im constantly revisiting forgotten gems

the hot songs are always there

i hope you guy like it!