HTC One Details


HTC just teased this image in preparation for Tuesday's event. I've highlighted in the eye as you can vaguely see a white device in their that looks a lot like the leaks we saw a while ago (pictured below).


I think that this device could be the HTC One. The device in the photo HTC teased looks almost identical to the leak above. However we have seen other devices leaked as well.


I think that the M7 and the HTC One are separate devices (as HTC's CEO chanted both HTC One & M7 at the company's year end banquet). So the device above could be the M7 and the other device is the HTC One.

Just a thought that could explain the two names and multiple devices. This could be completely wrong and that M7 was just a codename and the silvery, iPhone like device was faked (very plausible judging by the latest images by evleaks). Please tell me what you think in the comments.