I'm going tablet-only for 10 days. Will I survive?

In an earlier post on The Verge Forums, I asked rather or not we are at a point where we can leave the laptop behind and depend solely on tablets. I went so far as to mention the possible "death" of the laptop / PC era, based on the sales decline of PCs and the increase of tablet sales. So, are we at a point where a tablet can be our dominant device?

Beginning Saturday, I will test this theory. I'm taking a big risk. As a writer and a student I depend on my Mac daily. Weekly, I have assignments to submit for class (as attachments) and articles to research and write.

When I wake up Saturday morning, my laptop will be turned off and out of sight. For 10 days I will use my iPad as my only device (with the exception of my iPhone). My writing, class assignments, research and web browsing will all be limited to the iPad.

While there have been many great advancements since the dawn of the tablet, is it enough to sustain my work for 10 days? I will write about my tablet-only experience in my next post. Stay tuned and follow the comments below for updates.