MG Siegler's latest rant against Xbox/ Apple dominating gaming

So, lets try to have a mature analysis of his points. Some issues that he conveniently overlooks:

1) He talks about why Xbox doesn't have yearly upgrade cycles. Well, its simply because game makes like EA, Activision would simply revolt over hardware changes. Their games are costly to develop initially and it is only with time they manage to take full advantage of the console hardware and begin to lower costs. With yearly hardware changes, they would find it very difficult to manage costs especially when these games take 3 - 4 years to develop.

2) These games are priced at $60. $1 to $5 games would just never cut it for these game devs. The economics of game dev for guys like Rockstar would just not cut it. But even I agree that $60 games are too much. It needs to come down. And $1 games work very well for indie devs. I wish Microsoft integrates XBLA with Windows Store with similar pricing, licensing and development models.

What are the other advantages and disadvantages for Sony/Microsoft/Apple if Apple opens the SDK for Apple TV like MGS says?