Help me choose: laptop for music production

I'm going to give music production a shot. I need something portable that can pull some heavy multitrack duty.

- Full HD screen (a good one, desirably)
- 16GB of RAM or more (alternatively less, but replacable)
- Core i7
- At least mid-range gaming, Diablo 3 at low settings sucks
- 120GB+ SSD with a second HDD, or just a bigger SSD
- Not worst touchpad ever

Alienware/Apple is out of the question, because I like eating and shit.

I'd consider the Samsung Series 7 Chronos, but it's not available with an i7 where I live. What is available is the Acer Aspire V3-771G, the Asus G75VW, and of course, the custom built stuff.

Any other suggestions? Could I run Cubase with plugins etc. with less than 16GB RAM?