Still worth getting an iPad 2?

I've been wanting a new computer for a while, but I realized that my current laptop is working fine and I can hold onto it until I have more money. Its battery life isn't great, though, so I mostly use it connected to the wall while in classes or at coffee shops. Additionally, I've noticed that my smartphone doesn't have the battery life for a lot of daily web browsing and email use, since I'm a heavy user and I'm constantly listening to podcasts and music while walking around campus or walking my dog. What I thought might be a good deal would be to get an iPad 2 as an extra device that replaces my laptop and smartphone when I just want to web browse or take a few notes in a more portable form factor. Maybe if I didn't mess around with my smartphone as much during the day, and used a tablet instead, my smartphone could last more than 10 hours on a given day?

The reason I thought of an iPad 2 is because it can be found fairly affordably with 32 gb of memory on ebay, CL, etc. If I could spend less than $400, that would be great.

My question is, for web browsing, email, note-taking, and the occasional Netflix/YouTube, will the iPad 2 given satisfactory performance despite not being the newest iPad? I don't have great eyes, so I'm not too concerned about the display resolution, but I do want good battery life and snappy performance on the basic apps. Are there lots of games and apps that need the newer processors, in your experience?

Last question for those of you still with me, regardless of which iPad I decide, what do the students and medical/law professional types recommend in terms of accessories (keyboards, stylus, etc)?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.