An honest question about OEM's skins that baffles me.

We all know that most of the OEMs create skins for Android before they load it on their devices. And you know what? I get it. They want to differentiate, to push their brand image through their skins and create an experience that people associate with their brand. So Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC has Sense (the best Android skin IMO), Motorola has (well, thankfully *had* ) Motoblur and LG has the Optimus UI (obviously, LG's idea of differentiation is making its skin looks as much as Touchwiz as possible).

I personally find some of these offensive (Motoblur was a disgrace), some an attack on the senses (I wish I could include Sense here for pun's sake but I actually mean Touchwiz and Optimus) and some are pretty nicely done (Sense).

However, you know what I have noticed in ALL of these skins? NONE of them (correct me if I'm wrong) uses the CRT screen-off animation of stock Android from 2.3 onwards. None of them. It is such a clever transition and every time somebody sees it on my Nexus (or CM'd) phone they love it. Why is that? Why would all the OEMs remove one of the most iconic and delightful transitions of stock Android? Again, I get differentiation but removing something like that just for the sake of removing it honestly baffles me.