Apple & Microsoft Vs Google

It's quite obvious that based on the pace of mobile computing that google is the new microsoft (Not quite as dominant as the microsoft of the early 2000's but 60 percent of mobile devices is amazing).

Google will never make quite as much money as neither of them but they will have something that is far superior. "Information"

It's also quite obvious that the only way to hit back at google is to attack there core business, The only way this plan could be successful is if Apple & Microsoft Cooperate.

Bing has now been intergrated into Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and even some android devices lol, I Find the latter rather hilarious but yes its true. Microsoft needs to capitalise on the terrible relationship that Google & Apple now have. Steve Jobs personally had a vendetta against Android, I think the only way to truly hit google hard is to integrate bing as the default search engine on IOS. they've already replaced the mapping solution, They've removed the built in youtube app, Now all thats required is to make Bing the default.

If microsoft (bing) can attain 40 percent market share within the US, Continue to make more money from Android than Google via patent royalties. Then ultimately this will slow down Google's epic momentum. "Extend, Embrace & Extinguish"

Also my honest opinion is that in 12 months time when those 300 million pcs get into the hands of consumers, We are literally going to see a different landscape. Their exposure to microsoft services will be monumental. The Anti Trust lawsuit should've lasted 20 years if they truly wanted to stop microsoft. At this point I can see a dramatic turn around of legendary proportions.