Microsoft Surface Pro

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Reviewed by smartass1379 (Currently owns)

Calling this a tablet would not do it justice. It's a new product on its own and in this mindset I think Microsoft has tried to jump ahead of the curve. Although I would love to say this Portable Desktop? Ultra portable laptop? (Obviously I do not know what to call this) is perfect it is not. Battery life is important to people, but in the grand scheme of things many professionals already carry a charging cable for their laptops everywhere they go, why not for a Dablet (Desktop Tablet)? Other than the issue of battery life, this device doesn't have much drawbacks. Yeah the cameras aren't amazing but I'm not the type to take out my Surface Pro to take pictures at Disneyland, which I find extremely bizarre! I also don't things the Windows 8 Metro Marketplace is where it should be, but I do believe it will get there. I love running Adobe Premiere from this thing and I think younger technology adapters as myself will truly find this product revolutionary and easy to integrate into their lives. I have noticed that my older colleagues don't get it. That's why they are the ones who still carry iPhones.

The writing experience with the type cover has been amazing. I have used this to write many reports make dozens of power points and watched many episodes of Nashville and my device hasn't skipped a beat. I have read people like Paul Thurrott complaining that typing on the Surface Pro is difficult or cumbersome, but I have had nothing but the best experience. Here again, I reference the older generation. No offense Paul!

The Screen on the Surface Pro is beautiful. When I held it up to my mothers RT device there was no denying that there was a huge difference and although you don't notice with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu but when streaming native HD content the screen shines! Text is clear as day and when using the included pen hand written messages are beautiful and crisp, I couldn't write better in real life.

So take this device for what it is. The first of its breed, a true powerhouse for the student, business executive, Web site developer, Etc. By no means is this for someone who just want's to watch Netflix or Youtube because that user will seriously hate the battery life and they would definitely expect the battery of an iPad or even the Surface RT.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 10
  • Display 10
  • Camera(s) 6
  • Speakers 7
  • Performance 10
  • Software 8
  • Battery life 6
  • Ecosystem 8
  • Dock 10
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