DashClock Should be the Future of Android

Everybody who has a Nexus device (or is running a custom ROM) is loving DashClock, and I believe the hype is well deserved. I think that DashClock is revolutionary in more than one way, however: I want Google to change the way Android is developed so it is more like DashClock.

DashClock is amazing for a couple of reasons. It can be updated constantly to add new features and fix bugs. It can be customized to show only what you want it to show in the order that you want it displayed. What I think is amazing about it, however, is that any app can plug into it and give you the information you want and need. The problem is that this is one of the only aspects of Android that can be customized and updated to such an extent. Your launcher, app drawer, and built in Android apps (not Google services) require a fill system update if a bug or security issue is found, and most new features never see old phones because of this update requirement. As much as we complain, manufactures simply don't care if all their phones are always running the latest version, because it doesn't benefit them.


via i.imgur.com

Here's my actual point: Google needs to turn certain aspects of the OS into "apps" that can be updated, but not uninstalled, by users. If the launcher and contacts app could receive an update from like an app you download from the Play Store, the version of Android you are running becomes meaningless to an extent. If Google is assertive, this could also change the skinning problem, the main reason I will never get a Samsung or Motorola phone: I don't want to run a skinned version of Android and I don't want to deal with finding the best custom ROMs. I buy my phone and I want it to just work. Having the launcher as an app would make Josh's dream come true: when you boot up, you would have the option to choose whether you want stock or skinned Android.