Android Key Lime Pie to bring "all-in-one" messaging app?

I don't know if I am the only one, but personally, I'm hoping for an "all-in-one" messaging app in Key Lime Pie. It seems to me, like a no brainer. It is basically a direct competitor with Apple's iMessage which I know many people who love the messaging system, being able to talk on your Mac, iPhones, iPads and iPods to other Apple devices. I don't know why Google hasn't done it yet. I mean they have GTalk, so they can put that automatically integrated into the messaging app and it's exactly like iMessage. Also, they need to bring their main platforms into one like GTalk and Google+. Not only just Android but have GTalk pre installed on all chromebooks and Google TV's so they can message phones just like iMessage and vice versa. The amount of people who I know that now have GSIII's and other Android phones instead of buying the iPhone 5 like they did with all the previous versions of the iPhone, is getting higher and higher. There are alot of Android phones out there, and if a messaging platform like this comes along onto every phone, I think it would beat out iMessage. I think it's a pretty big feature, well, that's just my opinion! Is there anyone else here, who would also like to see this?