Fish bowl HTML 5 browser test.

I don't even know how or why but i stumbled across this browser test. Have you guys tried it? I think i've seen others use it to test the frame rates of the browser. I was really shocked at the outcome. I did the benchmark on my note and my iPhone just to see if there was a difference. I thought the note 2 was going to score incredible being that i thought google really pushed HTML 5 with chrome and android. It gets about 14 FPS max for 10 fish. It can't even handle anymore than that with chrome/stock browser. Safari gets 60 FPS and can render fish in the thousands. I'm just wondering what this means. Generally my browser experience has been quite good with the note 2. Not quite as smooth as safari, but snappier in some places. Why do you guys think chrome/android browser scores so bad? Is this an issue?