Widgets ARE the way to go, but not just yet.

Widgets. Every hardcore Android user probably uses that as the first mode of argument against an iOS user. But the thing is, as it stands, Widgets, currently, although useful, don't quite perform in a way they're truly capable of. And some of the actually useful ones (both on Android AND on Intelliscreen X) are pretty... Well.. Ugly and/or out of place, in my honest opinion. Today, it is still faster to get whatever info you'd need by opening an app on the iOS homescreen rather than on an Android homescreen widget. That's the first obstacle that needs to be overcome. Supply information effectively and efficiently without having to open the app itself. Don't ask me how. I wouldn't know. The second would be to look good while doing whatever the widget is doing. An ugly widget is a bad widget, again, only in my opinion. What do you think? Leave your comments below.