The Verge gave Windows Phone 8 a fair ecosystem score p. 1

Before I start ranting I wanna give som info about me. I'm a teenager from Sweden who loves technology. I'm pretty much a die hard Microsoft fan, because their products and services fit me the best. But that doesn't make me a blind fanboy. I don't ignore problems, look away, and keep defending Microsoft. In stead, I criticise them when I'm not pleased. Now here comes something that isn't pleasing me..


Upcoming lineup for Xbox on Windows Phone 8 gets revealed



This was announced in mid December, about 2 months ago. We got no release date what-so-ever and here we are with NONE of these games available. Microsoft has released TWO, yes TWO Windows Phone 8 Xbox games since the launch of Windows Phone 8. That's bizarre! They should be released weekly, like back in the Windows Phone 7 days.
To add to that, the indie-dev situation isn't exactly good either... On my HTC 8X I have ONE game that I play regularly; Snake '97... That's a port of the old Nokia-game snake from the late 90's! That has to say something about the game situation on Windows Phone?
It's not all crap, though. There are some nice games like Doom & Destiny, Ragdoll Run, Skulls of Shogun, but they aren't enough! I'm constantly bored when using my phone!

Doom & Destiny via

Windows Phone - 12 Games from Gameloft (via gameloft)

Here's another vaporware teaser of games that haven't been released. C'mon Microsoft, we want more than just vaporware!

TL;DR: Gaming on Windows Phone 8 is pretty much total crap.

P.S. The Verge needs to fix IE9/10 support for posts. It sucks that I had to download Chrome to write this rant.