Nexus Q new concept

Obviously the Nexus Q was a huge failure, but it looks so darn cool and I wanna to buy one; but I wouldn't if It didnt have a lower price and more functionality, that being said I still liked the idea of controling with your phone or tablet. It should be more focused on competing with airplay (getting content to your TV) and they could definantly drop the price, and I hate saying this; but move the production to China.


I would keep a similar design, perhaps they could get it slightly smaller but i love the LED and the interactive top, this was the one thing I loved about the Nexus Q so they should keep the same way.


MIRACAST, bring miracast to this thing, maybe bump down the specs to get the price down, but miracast is essential, and so would a full HDMI port as well as 3.5mm headphone jake. Keep NFC too

BTW: do you guys think it should still be taking content from the cloud, or should it be like apple tv where you can send the signal from your device, i think it should be from your device through miracast, tell me what you think in the comments.


I like the idea of how the Q is only controlled by your phone or tablet, but bring a airplay like button to the software, the Q app would give you a sqaure grid page of places on your phone where you can get content (things like youtube, Netflix hulu and more) then it bring you to those apps where you can choose your show, movie, song press a little airplay like q button and it streams it to your tv, (through miracast). This app should be on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (tablet optimized to), I guess keep the social streaming media thing but make it availalble for youtube clips aswell. Make it possible to turn of so you can just not have this thing.

Chrome browsing, this little q like airplay button should be in the chrome browser, (phones, laptops, tablets, desktops everything) so ANYONE can beam what you are looking at on your computer to to your TV, this would add WAYYYYY more functinality, put it in an update.

This part may sound a little hard to do but it would get the; cable signal, It would would go through the Q and would stream those channels to your phone, where you could watch them on your phone or chose which show to put on your TV!!!, you would see cable in that grid of content sources i talked about earlier

Setting it up would be similar on Android where you can tap it with NFC, you could also choose a show and tap the Q with your phone and then the show would pop up on the TV

Gaming would just be through miracast

To be clear this is not Google TV and what I think is a way better way to get content on your TV


It would be nice if it could be at around 150$ considering you can get a tablet for 200 and an apple tv for 100. The app should be free on Android and iOS

Tell me what you guys like/ dont like if you would buy this

PS. sorry for the bad grammar