Ubuntu Vs. Mac OS (This post requires no knowledge of Ubuntu, but does require knowledge of Mac OS X: Mountain Lion)

I have been using Ubuntu for a year or two now, have tried most shells and desktop environments, and have tried other Linux distros as well.

The other day, I was forced to use Mac OS X: Leopard on a Macbook, I assume it was whatever Macbook was out when Leopard was out. I realize that it is nowhere near new, so this post is asking whether some of the problems I had with it the other day have been addressed in the newer versions.

  1. No Right Click. The fact that there isn't a right click awful for someone like me. I can honestly say that I use right click more than left. I realize that for Mac, this is control click, but that is much more trouble than an actual right click button.
  2. In both Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu, if you drag the window to the top of the screen, it'll maximize as I'm sure most of you know. This feature has eliminated the need of the maximize button. I haven't touched the thing in either OS.
  3. This is a problem created from my preference of Ubuntu, mostly. In Ubuntu, they combine the window header, or title bar or whatever it's called and the top panel whenever that window is maximized. Since the top panel serve the same purpose in Ubuntu and Mac, I was surprised when they never combined. I consider this lost screen real estate. There's nothing I hate more than wasted computer space.
  4. When you exit out of an application, do you still have to quit it in the menu for it to close. I consider this incredibly insulting. It's as if Apple is saying, "No, I'm sure you didn't mean to close that window, so we'll keep it open for you." Is this feature useful to you? My use of the Macbook was very brief and perhaps I'm just not getting the point.
  5. (This point has been addressed in the comment section, there is no longer a need to reply to it.) When you would minimize a window, it put it in a separate place from the application's icon. For Windows, it puts it under the same icon and merely shows you a snapshot of the open windows of that application upon hover. For Ubuntu, it spreads the windows with a double click. Also, for Ubuntu, I have a hot corner set to spread all windows in a similar manner to Expose. My friend, who was more familiar with Mac, did this with some key shortcut combination. But I would consider the window management methods for both Windows and Ubuntu better than Mac's.
  6. Again, this was an older Macbook. In the comment sections, I have noticed a constant praising of Macbook's touchpads. That they are the best of all laptops and only apple seems to have gotten them right. I've really just been taking your, your as in the Verge commentator community's, word on it. Is it only superior on the newer Macbooks? Because I felt nothing special about it when using. This isn't a problem, because it was on par with other laptops, just that I don't see what you guys are talking about.

These are very basic features, which is why I consider them so major. I use every one of them dozens, perhaps hundreds of times a day and the fact that some are not present or aren't executed as well is a deal breaker.

Please address whether the problem in each point has been fixed in the newer Mac software and/or hardware. Also, completely disregarding the OS' software selection, where would you rate them?

I'd rate Windows>Ubuntu>Mac OS Leopard. Although, it may change if these problems have been rectified in the newer iterations of Mac.