Retail copy of Office 2013 permanently tied to the same computer

According to Computerworld a retail copy of Office 2013 is forever bound to the computer that it has been activated on. Uninstalling the software and trying to use it on another PC afterwards is impossible. This means that if you buy a new system you cannot move the software to the new PC, you'd have to buy a new retail copy of Office 2013. You will also have to repurchase the software if you break or upgrade the computer.

Previous versions (Office 2010 for example) allowed you to reinstall the software on a new system if you removed it from the previous PC. However this is now no longer the case. Meaning that if you buy a retail copy of Office 2013 Professional Plus for the ERP of $499 you better have a reliable system you are sticking to for a long time.

This makes it pretty obvious that MS is pushing users towards the Office 365 subscriptions, which do allow reinstalls. But not everyone is eager to jump on a subscription especially since there aren't that many options for regular consumers. The cheapest (and currently only consumer subscription option) is Home Premium going at $100 a year. Whiles it does allow installation on 5 devices, gives 20GB of Skydrive storage and free call minutes on Skype each month, not everyone needs all that.

If MS really wants to move users to a subscription based model they really need to add some cheaper and humbler options. Like a "Home Basic" option for $40 a year which lets you install Office 2013 on a single device without the extra Skydrive storage and Skype minutes.

What are your thoughts on this Tribe? I know we have a very diverse range of users here (from students to office workers to small business owners). I for one am not very happy with these changes.