Vivotab RT The lightest winRT tablet ?

Hi Guys, I sold my surface RT because the kindle app sucked and that was one of my number one use cases for a tablet. I thought I would get an IPad mini till next gen devices come out or amazon pushes a major update for kindle. So I went to the Apple store last week but, the ipad UI seemed so dull in front of WinRT that I left without buying it. I then walked to a nearby Microsoft store and saw the Asus vivotabRT for the first time. This thing was crazy light, I fell in love with it. I know the kindle app still sucks but I need a tablet for web browsing, kindle and office and this device is only 440 $ for tab plus dock on Amazon. My question: Is this the lightest winRT tablet on the market ? Is there something lighter ? Any VivoTab owners here who can comment on the build quality, sound quality etc ?