Please help me find the right photo workflow

Hello everyone,

I really have difficulties finding the right photo workflow at home and on the go. I'll try my best to describe my setup. Please help me !


Olympus m43

Wife's iPhone 4S

My Galaxy S3


Macbook Air - iPhoto

Windows 7 desktop (with calibrated display) - Photoshop


Synology NAS RAID1

Portable external HDD

Desktop HDD


MacBook Air on the go : need to have most of my pictures offline.

iPhoto books.

Windows 7 desktop : HDMI out to living room TV.

Shared photo streams --> iDevices (including family)

Currently, my photos are on the NAS and it is quite inconvenient to import them in iPhoto to create photo books, share photo streams and sync iDevices.

I imagined the following change : having the portable HDD host the full iPhoto database on MBA with iDevices synced to it and organizing a Time Machine onto the NAS. However, it will prove difficult to post-process pictures on the desktop (which is ergonomically the best) and also to show slide-shows on TV.

Either way, my GS3 is left out of the workflow ...

Any idea ?